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VoIP Benefits

Auto Attendant


HD call sound quality


Call Recording



Cost Savings


PBX Features

Call Management

• Advanced Call Forwarding
• Options
• Auto Attendant
• Attended & Unattended
• Transfer
• Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
• Barge
• Burstable Virtual Call Paths
• Busy Call Forwarding
• Call Forwarding
• Call Hold, Call Park
• Call Queue
• Call Recording
• Call Routing Time Frames
• Call Waiting Indicator
• Caller ID, Caller ID Blocking & Routing
• Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
• Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
• Directed Call Pickup
• Disable Outbound Dialing
• Do Not Disturb
• Find-me Follow-me (Digital Assistant)
• Incoming Call Blocking
• Incoming Call Identification
• Incoming Caller ID Routing
• Incoming Privacy Screening
• Listen Live
• Live Person Answering
• Multicast Paging
• No Answer Call Forwarding
• Office Intercom
• One Button Redial
• 1-6 Digit Extension Dialing
• Outbound Dialing Rules
• Outgoing Call Blocking
• Ring Groups
• Shared Virtual Call Paths across Multiple Locations
• Speed Dial
• Voicemail, Voicemail-to-Email

Call Conferencing
• Conference Bridges
• 3-way Conference Call

Music on Hold
• Commercials/Message on Hold (By Phone Number)
• Music on Hold (Custom or Default)

Origination & Termination
• Disaster Recovery
• Domestic Origination
• Domestic Terminations
• E911 Support
• Endpoint Templates
• Toll Free Numbers

Virtual Auto Attendants
• Multiple Top-Level Auto Attendants
• Top Level Auto Attendants (Always On or Time Based)
• Sub-Level Auto Attendants

• Inbound Fax to Email
• Outbound Email to Fax
• Send Security


GRP2670 Executive Phone

Part of the GRP series of Professional Carrier-Grade IP Phones, the GRP2670 is an executive-quality 12-line model with a 7-inch touch screen designed with zero-touch provisioning for mass deployment and easy management.

GBX20 Extension Board

The GBX20 is a backlit LCD extension module supported by the GRP2615, GRP2624, GRP2650, GRP2670 carrier-grade IP phones as well as and GXV3350 and GXV3450 IP video phones. The module includes 20 dual-colored extension keys and 2 arrow keys for page switching (allowing each GBX20 to support up to 40 contacts/extensions.). Connect up to 4 GBX20 modules to compatible Grandstream phones for a total of 160 contacts/extensions.

GRP2636 Professional Phone

Part of the GRP series of Professional Carrier-Grade IP Phones, the GRP2636 is an executive-quality 12-line model with a 4.3-inch color LCD screen designed with zero-touch provisioning for mass deployment and easy management.

GRP2616 6-Line Entry Level

The GRP2616 is a 6-line carrier-grade IP phone designed with zero-touch provisioning for mass deployment and easy management. This device was built for the needs of busy desktop workers and designed for easy deployment by enterprises, service providers and other high-volume markets, the GRP2616 offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy voice platform.

GRP2614 4-Line Entry Level

The GRP2614 is a 4-line carrier-grade IP phone designed with zero-touch provisioning for mass deployment and easy management. Built for the needs of busy desktop workers and designed for easy deployment by enterprises, service providers and other high-volume markets, the GRP2614 offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy voice platform.

WP825 Wi-Fi Phone

The WP825 is a ruggedized portable Wi-Fi IP phone designed to suit a variety of enterprises and vertical market applications, including retail, logistics, medical and security.

DP752 DECT Base Unit

The DP752 is a powerful DECT VoIP base station that pairs with up to 5 of Grandstream’s DP730 series DECT handsets to offer mobility to business and residential users.

DP730 DECT Phone

The DP730 is a DECT cordless IP phone that allows users to mobilize their VoIP network throughout any business, warehouse, retail store and residential environment.

GAC2570 Conference Room Phone

The GAC2570 is a full-duplex conferencing device featuring high-quality voice communication for meeting rooms, huddle areas, boardrooms, and other conferencing spaces. Additionally, its modern industrial design and rich features make it a customizable conferencing solution for small to medium sized conference rooms and other day-to-day business conferencing spaces

GMD1208 Extension Microphone

The GMD1208 is an extension microphone with integrated Bluetooth and a companion device for the GVC3220 Ultra HD Multimedia Conferencing System to increase the overall audio coverage range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managing change has always been an essential skill for business owners, but managing a business today isn’t simple. No longer can an owner wait for the next big change in his/her business. With the pace of technological advancement increasing by the day, businesses are now managing transition, rather than change. It’s hard to catch your breath. Thus, it’s imperative that our technology is capable of keeping up with the ever changing needs of your business advances. Because of this, many businesses are moving to cloud-based applications like Hosted PBX. With your phone system in the cloud, you no longer need to worry about your communication infrastructure’s ability to keep up with the needs of your business. There’s little to no expertise required and it provides every capability of a traditional phone system, and then some—all while reducing your costs upfront and over time. Additionally, cloud—based PBX won’t become obsolete with new features and capabilities continuously being added without the need for a system upgrade.

What issues were you experiencing? Not all hosted PBX systems are created equally. Our proven platform has been built from the ground up over the last ten years. We’ve been able to alleviate the common woes you may have experienced with other hosted PBX providers. With our complete PBX in the cloud, you’ll be able to improve your business collaboration and flexibility, while reducing your costs.

All cloud-based applications rely on Internet connectivity, but with a hosted PBX solution, when you lose your broadband connection your communication infrastructure remains available. In other words, your Internet connection is no longer a single point of failure. When your PBX resides in the cloud, you’re provided with a plethora of call routing options. For example, our cloud-based PBX includes features like find-me-follow-me, voicemail to email, and all calls have the ability to be automatically forwarded and routed to virtually any person, device, or location. Plus, we’ll architect a redundant broadband solution with multiple seamless Internet connections, cutting your costs.

No, you do not require a second Internet connection for business resiliency. However, a second Internet connection is recommended, as it provides a great way to further solidify your network solution.

What experiences have led you to this conclusion? When implemented properly, a hosted PBX solution is more reliable than a premise-based solution, as it can scale to meet your business’s evolving needs, and provides benefits that traditional phone systems cannot match. Hosted PBX also reduces the capital expenditure of a new phone system, safeguarding it against technological obsolescence, broadband failures, and natural disasters.

A hosted PBX solution doesn’t require large, upfront investments like a traditional phone system. Switching to a hosted PBX will reduce your operator costs upfront and overtime. That means your expenses are actually reduced. Our platform is continually updated to provide your business with new, enhanced capabilities and features—ensuring your business is on the cutting edge and up-to-date.

Yes, our cloud-based phone systems include features most organizations couldn’t afford with their existing phone system. You now have the ability to manage these great features via our easy to use web interface, with no expertise needed. You’ll be able to access carrier class scalability, providing you with a simple solution for all your communication needs.

The benefit of our cloud-based PBX platform is that you’ll never have to deal with a traditional, long distance carrier again. We manage all carrier connectivity in the cloud, with ‘cross-connects’ directly to the PSTN. Our platform includes connectivity to multiple carriers for redundancy purposes, so no single carrier issue will impact your business. Our carriers are chosen, and maintain favor with us based on their reliability and costs.


24.95 Per Extension

  • Unlimited Inbound Calling
  • Unlimited Outbound Calling
  • Custom PBX

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